Spectators around the world marvel at rare "blood moon" eclipse

Jan Cross
July 28, 2018

This will make the moon appear smaller than regular, and much smaller than it looks during the Super Moon (when the moon is at the closest point in its orbit from the Earth). Totality (the part of the eclipse when the moon is entirely in the Earth's shadow) will last for a full 1 hour and 43 minutes.

At least 200 people flocked to Observatory Hill in Sydney's CBD, and also to Dover Heights in the east, as the moon moved into the Earth's shadow, becoming darker and turning redder as sunlight passed through Earth's atmosphere. In those countries, the moon will appear a deep copper red, because it will be reflecting the light from all the sunrises and sunsets happening around the globe. At the same time, Mars will be traveling closer to earth than it has been since 2003, so some observers may be able to see what looks like an orange-red star - and is in fact the red planet.

Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse 2018 tonight LIVE UPDATES: During this rare phenomena, the Moon will turn bright red and it will be visible in India as well.

The Moon gradually returns to its normal color and brightens as it emerges from Earth's shadow. The moon gives off no light and is only visible because it reflects the light of the sun. The next lunar eclipse of Friday's duration is set to occur in the year 2123.

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Fearing the jaguar would come down to earth to continue its assault, people would throw spears at the moon and create noise to scare it away. It's the longest full lunar eclipse of the century, so you can be sure that there will be plenty of people with lenses pointed skyward. Curiosity and awe have greeted a complete lunar eclipse, the longest one of this century.

#08:20 PM: Lunar Eclipse 2018: Timings in India, how to watch: The total lunar eclipse or "Chandra Grahan" in India will start at around 10:44 pm in the night of July 27. England has been scorched by a ruthless sun for weeks, but in some areas stargazers gathered only to see the moon obscured by a sudden spell of cloudy weather. - AFP Picture shows the moon during the total lunar eclipse, also known as the "blood moon", taken as it passes by Kuwait Towers in Kuwait City.

"If that were true, we'd be in big trouble given the gravitational pulls on Earth, Mars, and our moon!" the NASA website states.

Andrew Fabian is with the University of Cambridge.

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