Longest lunar eclipse of the century to happen Friday

Jan Cross
July 31, 2018

Between 9:30pm and 11:13pm, the moon was completely shrouded in the Earth's shadow, for a total eclipse time of one hour and 43 minutes, making it the longest of this century so far.

Partly cloudy skies on Friday night should still give us a chance to at least view the full Moon and Mars in close proximity, so it will still be worth a look. You'll have to stay inside (where it's safe) and instead watch it online. It should not be considered an invitation to satanic sex rituals of humans or horses.

The eclipse will be visible in parts of South America, much of Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Aussies across the country set their alarms early and were treated to an awesome view of the rare eclipse. But various media outlets, including Global News, will be live-streaming the eclipse for viewers around the world beginning at 3 p.m. The live stream will begin at approximately 1 p.m.

The brighter Mars will remain very close to the eclipsed Moon in the sky on July 27-28 and can be spotted very easily with the naked eye, the statement said. And, you're in luck - you can totally catch sight of the blood moon no matter where you are in the world! When it does, the moon will turn a burnt orange color, as it did during January's Super Blue Blood Moon.

The site also has interactive maps that show which regions will see a partial or total eclipse.

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In a lunar eclipse, the Earth stands between its natural satellite and the Sun.

When the moon moves into the conical shaped shadow of the earth, it goes from being illuminated by the sun to being dark.

This marks the second total lunar eclipse this year visible from Australia, with the next one predicted for 2021.

The time of greatest eclipse will be 2021 GMT on July 27.

The eclipse will not be visible to residents of the U.S. as by the time the moon rises at night in the United States, it will have already completed its journey through Earth's shadow, or Umbra.

But, while there was a spectacular sunrise, the eclipsed moon disappeared behind low cloud at the crucial moment in Christchurch.

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