Polar bear killed after attacking man on island off northern Norway

Lamar Ellis
July 31, 2018

Last month, a 31-year-old Canadian man was killed while protecting his children from a polar bear in a popular Canadian fishing and hunting spot.

If the guards had been successful in securing the land and there were no polar bears surrounding the site, tourists would have been permitted to disembark the ship to explore the land. The injured person was immediately provided with medical care and flown to a hospital with a rescue helicopter. His identity was not released.

The polar bear was shot and killed after the attack, the report said. It was not clear who shot the bear.

Norwegian authorities said a polar bear on Saturday attacked and injured a polar bear guard who was leading tourists off a cruise ship on an Arctic archipelago.

The company has been widely criticised on social media, with accusations that the cruise line company was irresponsible for killing the animal in the name of tourism.

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Tourist expeditions are required to employ bear guards for the safety of the passengers. The area is known for its polar bears, sea lions and stark landscapes.

That's what makes the shooting and killing of a polar bear in Norway's Svalbard archipelago, within the Arctic Circle, all the more infuriating. "We are extremely sorry that this incident has happened". In 2015, Czech Jakub Moravec was pulled out of the tent by a polar bear, but escaped with slight damage.

Insane idea - don't let the guards or tourists get close enough to a polar bear that it might attack.

"Due to the risk of meeting polar bears visitors traveling in Svalbard must always have firearms and protection devices at hand, such as a big-game rifle and ammunition for self-defense, flare gun or an emergency signal flare pen for driving off polar bears and tripwire with flares for camping", its online cruise handbook states.

Four years earlier, 17-year-old Horatio Chapple from Britain was killed and four others injured when a polar bear attacked them at Von Postbreen, about 40 kilometers from Longyearbyen.

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