Fans celebrate the birthdays of JK Rowling and Harry Potter

Tabitha Dunn
August 3, 2018

And now, let us move on to celebrate the accomplished woman, JK Rowling, on her 53rd birthday by honouring her for her exemplary contributions to the field of fantasy writing and much more.

The story of how she came to create the world-famous children's book series is almost as well-known as that of the boy wizard himself.

For 10 years, Joanne K Rowling kept us hooked to the Harry Potter series. Something nearly always seems to be happening on or around Harry's birthday, whether good or bad.

The magical world she created has brought joy to millions of fans, but the life lessons she has given outside of the books are just as heartwarming.

QUIZ: Can you correctly name all these spells from Harry Potter?

Harry's birthday falls on July 31, a date he just so happens to share with Rowling herself.

Here's how we would rank Harry's birthdays, from worst to best. The objects have been curated from the collection of the British Library, the New-York Historical Society, and other museums, and have been supplemented with original materials from Scholastic (the USA publisher of the Harry Potter series) and pieces from Rowling's own archives.

It's been over 21 years since the first book in the series released, and even today, they are a huge part of the must-read lists for every child, and many adults too. When the movies were released, my friends and I had a number of debates as to which is better - the book or the movie? She says, "Harry Potter was the first book in my was the first book that I read after I finished my tenth". And if you don't, here's a pro tip: The line for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey inexplicably disapparates during each of the several showings of the Nighttime Lights, so hit that up after a day of gallivanting through the land of Fizzing Whizbees, floating Yule Ball gowns, and chugging trains. Hermione Granger: "The girl who delivers Ron and Harry from danger (again and again and again)". One person wrote, "Harry Potter helped me believe that anything is possible".

So, how old is Harry Potter? "It gave me a family even though I'm halfway across the world from mine". We're sure Alia Bhatt would make for an wonderful Hermoine, won't she?

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