Trump repeats Giuliani defense: 'Collusion is not a crime'

Lamar Ellis
August 3, 2018

"He has the conflict, not the president", Giuliani said.

During the controversial interview, Mr Giuliani said he was not sure collusion with Russian Federation would be considered a crime.

The tweet comes a day after Giuliani made the same claim in multiple television appearances.

Speaking to CNN "New Day" co-host Alisyn Camerota, Giuliani first downplayed the president's relationship with his embroiled former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, who faces charges resulting from the Mueller probe.

US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to say that collusion isn't a crime, and that he never colluded with anyone. "The President didn't hack", Giuliani told CNN. "He didn't pay for the hacking".

".Also, why is Mueller only appointing Angry Dems, some of whom have worked for Crooked Hillary, others, including himself, have worked for Obama.And why isn't Mueller looking at all of the criminal activity & real Russian Collusion on the Democrats side-Podesta, Dossier?" "This morning I tweeted, 'Collusion is not a crime, ' and it worked", he said.

(While we're at it, election "meddling" isn't either.) The U.S. code mostly uses the term "collusion" in antitrust laws to address crimes like price fixing.

There is nothing new about President Trump claiming not only that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russian Federation but that there is no such thing as a crime called "collusion".

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While collusion is not a technical legal charge, Mueller could bring conspiracy charges if he believes there was such work by campaign members with Russian Federation. So, either the former Mayor of NY city is intentionally creating confusion by making seemingly contradictory statements from those of President Trump every week, or he's every bit as much of a goofball as he's portrayed himself to be in recent months. The Trumps have said Cohen is wrong about the president knowing in advance of the meeting.

'Because he has the conflict, not the president, ' said Giuliani.

"I think you're probably going to see indictments against both of those people".

Swan quotes Giuliani saying: "Why don't you write a report and show us what you have, because they don't have a g--mn thing".

Seems like a simple enough strategy, but Giuliani can't keep his mouth shut when it counts. "But he claimed Trump still has a 'soft spot" for Michael Cohen, who Giuliani has been branding as a liar amid signals he may cooperate with Mueller. "Nobody. They should make the decisions about their lives based on the fact that they've got to deal with whatever the government is offering them or not offering them, how honest or dishonest they want to be", Giuliani said.

Mueller's response, according to a source familiar with the matter, suggested adding a few more questions in writing and others as part of a potential sit-down interview.

In a separate interview on CBS, Mr Giuliani said he was aware of "something like 183 unique conversations on tape" from Mr Cohen. Two: It's a crime to defraud the United States. 'Sounds suspicious, doesn't it?' he added.

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