Google Maps location sharing now allows you to share battery percentage

Gerald Bowen
August 4, 2018

When you zoom all the way out on Google Maps now, instead of displaying a flat Meractor projection of the world - like the kind you often see in atlases, where the world is projected onto a cylinder and adjusted so that all the parallels of latitude have the same length as the equator - you now see a sphere floating in space.

That way, rather than sending out regular ETA updates, users can simply open Google Maps and see for themselves where you are.

Last year Google implemented a location sharing feature within Google Maps so that friends and family could keep track of one another.

"Google Maps is not just about navigating from point A to B. We have been building for India, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities, with the sole aim of making Google maps more comprehensive, accurate and reliable", Google Maps for India, Program Manager, Anal Ghosh said.

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The report also added that on some occasions the battery level of a phone was below 15% but, it displayed a formal message saying "John's battery is between 50 and 75%". Like your location, your phone's power level is shown in real time, so they can see if the Global Positioning System is draining it rapidly.

Google has started rolling out a new feature in its Google Maps app in which users will be able to share their battery percentage along with their location. If you share location, you also share battery level details.

On the flip side, knowing that a friend or family member has plenty of battery life left and getting no response could raise red flags. Back in June, a host of new personalization features were launched, including streamlining the process of locating restaurants, cafes, and other places to eat and drink.

Google has been revamping many of its maps features over the past few months, with more expected to come as 2018 continues.

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