Playing a man, Broadway on Priyanka Chopra's mind

Ben Davidson
August 9, 2018

Her rumoured engagement to American singer-songwriter beau Nick Jonas continues to make noise ever since she walked out of Salman Khan-starrer Bharat.

"My personal life is not for public consumption". Ninety per cent of my life is for public but 10% of it is for me. "I have the right to keep that for myself", she said. However, Priyanka revealed she doesn't need to "defend or explain" anything when it comes to her family, relationships, equations with people and decisions. "I think that gave me the confidence to dig my feet further and demand the kind of parts that I want to do", said Priyanka. Her fans are always keen on knowing what's happening with our desi girl but Priyanka feels that she is not comfortable in sharing her personal life with the world.

The actor was speaking at an interactive session titled "Challenging the Status Quo and Forging New Paths" organised Jointly by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) and YES bank.

Speaking of his persona, Quantico's Alex Parrish, Priyanka stated: "Alex is a shameless modern woman who lives all her life, she is extremely flawed, she is not flawless, she is lonely, she is not the only not like people, she only uses people ..."

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Priyanka Chopra Is The First South Asian Women To Play A Lead In An American Network Series. Mostly I tell my publicists, "Let it be".

'It is a smart thing to recognise opportunity as it knocks on everyone's door, ' she said. Thanks for hanging with me, I'm your girl Sinead de Vries and I'll see ya next time. Why is it that our ethnicity defined the role that we played?

Priyanka attended an tournament in Delhi lately and mentioned the potential of hard the established order and forging new paths.

Besides these two films, she has booked a leading role in Hollywood film "Cowboy Ninja Viking" opposite Chris Pratt.

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