Doom Eternal multiplayer will include "internally developed PvP"

Gerald Bowen
August 11, 2018

As expected, DOOM Eternal runs at 60 fps and is looking better than ever, with graphical fidelity that exceeds anything the franchise has done before.

The lengthy gameplay demo was part of a keynote delivered at Quakecon, the annual showcase for all things id (and Bethesda). At the time, there was nothing but a cinematic teaser, but we were promised gameplay footage at QuakeCon 2018.

At least you don't have to worry about the shadowy form of another Doom Slayer showing up to Glory Kill you; in this case, the invading players will possess a demon and try to use its abilities to ruin your day. Some are new, others are old - and thanks to the new "destructible demon" feature, some can be torn into itty-bitty chunks. There will also be new weapons, such as a massive flamethrower and deadly blade.

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We already knew Doom Eternal was set to have twice as many demon types as Doom 2016, but you can't really appreciate that kind of abstract detail until you see so many of them shrieking towards the screen in a single setting. There's also an amusing intro where Doomguy strolls around the base scaring the human occupants and an outro that sees him drawing out a sword to battle a mini-boss.

It seemed very much inspired by the Dark Souls series but id clarified that it was purely optional and that more multiplayer options would be revealed in time... Announced with a CG trailer that could have been for any Doom we were told that we'd eventually get the goods at QuakeCon, and here we are on August 10 - the stream will be going live shortly at 12PM ET.

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