Scientists told how another people is affected by polluted air

Ben Davidson
August 30, 2018

According to a study conducted by global research Institute food policy (USA) in the period from 2010 to 2014, and polluted air leads to a deterioration of verbal and analytical skills. This was especially the case for men and the less educated.

A new study published this week says air pollution may be more damaging to our health than previously thought.

"Polluted air can cause everyone to reduce their level of education by one year, which is huge", said Xi Chen of the Yale School of Public Health and a member of the research team.

It's always been established that breathing polluted air can have negative effects on our physical wellbeing-such as lung and heart diseases, cancer, even death-but it can also have consequences on our mental health.

Air pollution is described as a silent killer and according to the World Health Organisation have caused an estimated seven million premature deaths. Pollution's affect on verbal test performance grew to develop into worse as participants typical, particularly among males and participants with less education.

Next, researchers compared the results of these with the relative levels of pollution (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and PM10) in test-takers' localities. They found an association between pollution exposure and large declines on verbal and tests and smaller ones for mathematics. "If we calculate the losses for these categories, it may be several years".

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The study found that language abilities faced a greater impairment than math abilities, and that men were more at risk of experiencing these impacts than women.

In the latest study, researchers asked people aged 10 and above a set of standardised maths and word-based questions, each year from 2010 to 2014. The researchers examined the same subjects in 2010 and 2014, and the arithmetic and verbal tests were meant to demonstrate "diverse dimensions, manual of the functioning of the brain", Chen said. Chen claims that by testing the same people four years apart, the study was able to account for other factors.

Zhang elaborated, "The damage on cognitive ability by air pollution also likely impedes the development of human capital".

In Beijing, the rich are specially designing their homes and buying appliances to filter out pollutants in their air and water, while poorer residents are stuck breathing in the unfiltered smog, affecting not only their health but also, according to the new study, their cognitive abilities.

"This is very worrisome as we all know that people often have to make important financial decisions in old age, such as when we should retire, which health insurance plan is better".

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