Hurricane Florence from space

Jan Cross
September 13, 2018

The hurricane is expected to reach the coastlines of North Carolina and SC on Friday morning, with experts estimating that it will continue to grow in strength.

"Ever stared down the gaping eye of a Category 4 hurricane?"

The International Space Station captured photos and video of massive Hurricane Florence spiraling over the Atlantic, and those images captivated people on social media.

When Florence will reach the US, he is the hurricane of the 4th category out of five, say.

From aboard the International Space Station, Alexander Gerst uses a special super- wide-angle lens to capture an image of the enormous Hurricane Florence barreling toward the East Coast.

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Another view from astronaut Alexander Gerst of the eye of Hurricane Florence, posted to Twitter on September 12, 2018. Arnold shared his first photos of Hurricane Florence, taken when it was still a Category 2 storm.

"The earliest reasonable time that tropical-storm-force winds will reach the coast of the Carolinas is Wednesday night, but the most likely time is Thursday morning", the National Hurricane Center said.

According to the forecast of meteorologists from the National centre for monitoring hurricanes, the US, South-East mainland territory of the country hurricane Florence will arrive on Thursday, September 13, and will hit the coast with wind speed above 230 km/h.

Cameras outside the space station captured several views of the storm at 8:10 a.m. Monday, according to NASA. "It's chilling, even from space", tweeted German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who is aboard the space station.

This morning, NOAA tweeted a video from the GOES-East weather satellite, also known as GOES-16, showing the storm's eye churning through the Atlantic.

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