Mayday At Sydney Airport As United 787 Issues Fuel Warning

Kenny Grant
October 6, 2018

Police launched a full emergency response at Sydney Airport this morning after a United Airlines flight issued a mayday call.

But with a number of firetrucks and emergency staff on standby at the tarmac, the Dreamliner did land safely with all 239 passengers on board unharmed.

The pilot warned the plane (not pictured) was running low on fuel, officials said.

The airport was not shut down during the emergency response, and it's understood there were no delays to flights.

According to Civil Aviation Safety Australia, "fuel mayday" calls are an automatic requirement when planes tap into reserve supplies of fuel.

A United Airlines plane landed safely at Sydney Airport Thursday after low fuel reserves triggered a mayday call from the pilot.

United Airlines flight UA839 landed safely at Sydney Airport.

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Roads around the airport reopened just before 07:00 (AEST).

"I did think, "gee that's a lot of flashing lights out there" when we landed, but no more than the flashing lights from emergency vehicles I'd seen in Denver and Washington during this trip - where there was absolutely nothing happening".

Nine Network television reported that one of its journalists, Liz Hayes, was aboard the plane and had been unaware that there had been any problem.

"Everyone was calm, no panic, no announcement".

The plane would have had at least 45 minutes of flying time in its reserves, he said.

"All we saw was the plane coming in and then, behind that, there were four Fire and Rescue (trucks) coming through", he said.

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