Ubisoft seems to be teasing a Far Cry 5 follow-up

Gerald Bowen
December 7, 2018

That wouldn't be quite as exciting as an entirely new Far Cry title (especially one which serves as a direct sequel to the previous game!), but whatever: we're still very intrigued by the idea of a post-apocalyptic Far Cry, if that's what this is.

Given the short time span between this tease and Far Cry 5, it's fairly unlikely that this title will be a full-fat Far Cry experience. First Ubisoft themselves did, with a teaser trailer showing that a new Far Cry project was on the way - which would be properly announced at The Game Awards.

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According to the teaser trailer, the worldwide reveal of the latest Far Cry will be made during The Game Awards 2018.

Ubisoft has released a teaser video for its next entry in the Far Cry series. In the meantime: did you play Far Cry 5? This would appear to be a post-apocalyptic Far Cry, complete with scrappy survivors. As you may remember, Far Cry 5 ended in Hope County essentially blowing out, so it looks like that could be continued. After years of nuclear winter and raging storms, things appear to be getting back to normal, with flowers blooming and blue skies appearing once more. And with the show's composer confirming that ten new games will be revealed during the event - and with Nintendo also coyly tweeting about the Awards - it's certainly shaping up to be a show that gamers won't want to miss.

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