May warns of catastrophe if lawmakers don't back Brexit deal

Lamar Ellis
January 14, 2019

The Transport Secretary added that the millions who voted to Leave the European Union would feel "cheated" and putting a stop to Britain's withdrawal from the EU could end centuries of "moderate" politics the United Kingdom has enjoyed since the English Civil War.

Hunt acknowledged that May's deal was "not perfect" but insisted it "broadly delivers Brexit".

And three times she declined to say whether she would remain a member of the Government if it opted for a no-deal Brexit.

The prime minister has already postponed a House of Commons vote on her plan once - in December - to avoid defeat, and looks certain to see it rejected by MPs on Tuesday amid fierce opposition.

MPs are widely expected to reject the deal, negotiated between the European Union and United Kingdom, with more than 100 Conservative MPs among those opposing it.

Mr Hunt warned: "If we were, as a political class, not to deliver Brexit, that would be a fundamental breach of trust between the people and the politicians".

Asked later whether Labour would push for a second referendum if there was no general election, Corbyn said: "We're then into that consideration at that point".

Senior shadow cabinet ministers have also said it will come soon, with shadow justice secretary Richard Brugon telling Sky News on Thursday it will be "a matter of days at the most".

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The Foreign Secretary also warned Eurosceptics that they might not be able to rely on the clock ticking down to the default option of a no-deal Brexit on March 29 if Mrs May's deal were voted down.

Billionaire businessman Peter Hargreaves, who pumped more than £3 million into the exit campaign, told Reuters: "I have totally given up".

In the event her exit deal is voted down, some Brexiters have argued for the United Kingdom to leave without a deal, but other MPs also object to the no deal Brexit - calling for either Article 50 to be extended or revoked, or a second referendum to allow the general public to decide the next move.

The London MP added: "There is no Brexit deal that fulfils all the promises made in the last referendum or one as good as the deal we've already got inside the EU".

Meanwhile, James Starkie, a former Vote Leave campaigner and ex-adviser to Environment Secretary Michael Gove, has told the BBC that a no-deal Brexit could have an impact on food imports from Europe.

'We'd be in a stronger position, then, to continue the negotiations as an independent third country'.

The Labour leader insisted his Brexit plan, condemned by some critics as unrealistic as it would contravene basic European Union internal rules, was viable.

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