Climate strike poll: Do parents support the kids skipping school today?

Jan Cross
March 15, 2019

Because of his involvement in the Fridays for Future movement, Finlay represented Scotland at a meeting of more than 60 young climate change campaigners from 20 nations at the European Parliament.

"Climate change affects the people that contribute the least to it."

"We have proposed Greta Thunberg because if we do nothing to halt climate change it will be the cause of wars, conflict and refugees", said Norwegian Socialist MP Freddy Andre Ovstegard.

"Why would we go to school if there's going to be no future for us to live in?" said Althea Wilson, a high school junior from the Boulder area.

However, when the Listener asked if parents and grandparents should march over climate change inaction, respondents were less enthusiastic, with 28% and 37% respectively saying no, and 32% and 27% saying they were not sure.

Nine councils have now indicated in response to letters from Scottish Green MSPs that they won't pursue punitive action against young people taking part.

Thousands of schoolchildren worldwide have abandoned classrooms for a day of protest against climate change.

The activist, who was named one of TIME's Most Influential Teens of 2018, has inspired hundreds of thousands of students at schools around the world to hold strikes in an effort to urge their leaders to act.

"Everyone can do their little part of the world, look after it, and the at some stage the world will be attractive again, Meeten said".

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I think that change is on the horizon and the people will stand up for their future, Thunberg said in an interview with the Guardian.

Children say they are walking out of school to bring greater attention to the impending crises that will have more of an impact on their generation than on those making current policy.

One parent in attendance said that about 1,000 kids are at the strike, with more "streaming in" all of the time.

Marlborough Boys' College students heading the march around town.

The children have been chanting: "What do we want?"

Hynd said he had missed an English class for the strike, while Pinker-Meihana said he had missed a Chemistry class.

Home schooled students from Blenheim Natural Learners Co-op with signs they made in support of the climate change protest.

"The flood we just had wasn't just a normal flood, it was a one-in-100-year event".

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